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ECEN 681: Computer Engineering and Systems Group Seminar

Spring 2011

Instructor/Organizer: Dr. Paul V. Gratz

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm Friday (regular seminar time)
Location: ETB 1037

Primary backup: 3:55pm – 5:10pm Tuesdays in ZACH 103


To receive the full credit for this course, you must meet the following requirements:

You are allowed up to four seminar "skips" without impacting your grade.  Note, you are responsible for attending seminars whenever they are scheduled.  Most will be on Friday's however some will not.  The four "skips" are provided to allow for the case when the scheduled seminar time interferes with something on your personal schedule.

Complete a brief report for each seminar in class.  Report forms will be distributed at the beginning of each seminar. The report is due immediately after the seminar and must be signed by the student.

The report template can be downloaded from the bottom of this webpage. 
The report should be brief while highlighting the key points from each seminar.

CESG Seminar Series Calendar

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